Strategic Marketing Consultant

Chris Cota aka @atlcomputerdude is a skilled SEO and Marketing / Social Media Mxstermnd. Chris Cota is a self taught web developer who deviated from the cookie cutter site designs found on the web. The result, Chris developed his own brand of website design. Pushing technology to its limits, Chris excels in designing sites that are both aesthetically pleasing and easily navigated. Today, Chris assists companies, of various niches, achieve success through growth online.. A lot of people never achieve anything because they never START, they quit when times get TOUGH and most don't take the time to educate themselves on their business. BUT if you START, NEVER GIVE UP AND EDUCATE yourself you will achieve anything in life. Everyone is a #BRAND. A brand is what other people think about you, your service or your product. When you BELIEVE in yourself others will follow, when you BELIEVE in your BRAND others will follow.

Expertise and What I can Do For You

  • New Business Development100%
  • Website design98%
  • Marketing Innovation97%
  • Marketing & Messaging 98%
  • Search Engine Optimization99%
  • Strategic Social Media Profile Growth98%
  • Search Engine Optimization99%
  • Strategic Social Media Profile Growth98%
  • SEM99%
  • SMO98%
  • Social Media Coaching97%
  • Server Configurations98%

Let Me Help You Put The Return Back In ROI

Client Portfolio Spotlight

Chuck Smith NFL DLine, Inc


Marketing and Web Development

  • Marketing Strategies
  • identify new lines of revenue
  • Develop new mobile friendly website
  • Build Social Media Presence
  • Averaging over 60 new contacts per day in 1st year
  • Skyrocketed social media engagement

Cooper Global Chauffeured Transportation


New Business & Marketing Development

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Develop new lines of revenue
  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Develop new industry technological advancements
  • First 30 days generated 2400 unique visitors to their website
  • First 30 days over 700 phone calls into the call center
  • Averaging over 60 new calls per day in 1st year
  • Company growth of 3 million in revenue in 1st year

Bridge Da Gap


Marketing & Business Development

  • Marketing strategies
  • New business development & marketing consulting
  • Online web development, marketing and fundraising
  • Helped develop the new BDG Mobile platform spanning across the nation.
  • Developed new web platform and technology to launch their educational program worldwide
  • Helped get sponsors and hold a successful 2015 Gala

Fountain of Youth MD


Marketing, Sales & Business Development

  • Hire and trains sales team
  • Develop and manage new corporate health and wellness relationships
  • Develop new marketing strategies
  • We brought in new clients including Coca Cola, Bank Of America and many others
  • Developed core sales directors well trains sales staff
  • Created successful new hire procedures, training manual and process

Absolute Limos / Lifestyle


Marketing & New Client Procurement

  • Marketing Strategies
  • New Client Procurement
  • Business Development
  • We brought the company from a fleet of one to a fleet of over 26 vehicle's
  • Company now is worth over 5 million dollars
  • Created local alliances with nightlife and major venues

Furkids, Inc.


Marketing Consulting, IT Tech Support

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Brand Building
  • Web Design and Development
  • IT and Network Configurations and Maintenance
  • Instagram grew by 1000's



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